Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrating Color!

I brake for all things colorful...LITERALLY! How about you? I stopped in the center "island" to get this shot in Los Angeles:

Mural by Eduardo Kobra

It's one of my favorite murals! You can see more of Eduardo Kobra's work on his website. Just click the link below:

I'm expecting 2 of these beauties from Midwest Maude (Etsy):

Photo courtesy of Midwest Maude

To get them while you can in Karen's Midwest Maude shop, just click **RIGHT HERE**. I scooped up the blue & orange flower rings (shown on the left and right). I can't wait to display my 60s Flower Power!

And lastly, ...
What do you think about these silk lanterns from Vietnam?

I say they're RAINBOW heaven.

What colors are you drawn to?

Thanks so much for stopping by...
Peace & God Bless!


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Colors… glorious colors! I love them ALL, but I am often drawn to black, greens or reds as accent colors. Blessings!

Tiffany said...

Cool, Arnoldo! I think every color has its place...It's fun to find out what colors people are attracted to. Thanks for sharing (as requested).

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