Sunday, January 27, 2013

Celebrating Color: Orange & Pink Party!

Howdy. "Orange & Pink" has to be one of my favorite color combinations in the world. I'm biased, because I look at polka-dotted, orange & pink curtains everyday (in my office). And they make me very, very happy!

So, on with the party! I tore this ad out of a magazine:

I don't remember when I did it, or what magazine the ad came from. See, I was too busy drooling over the fabulous, color I forgot to make note of those facts. LOL.

On to India, land of color, with this:

(click photos for closeups)

and this...

and this...

Did you feel the color rush? Oooh...that felt good. Thanks for joining me. 

Wishing you a blessed, colorful week!

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