Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Media...Pinterest, Twitter

So, I'm trying social media...

Are you into it? 

I just made my first Pinterest boards today! The site's addictive! I could spend hours looking through all the inspirational art, photos, products, etc... We're talking eye candy GALORE. Here's a look the page I just set up:

To see the page, click *here*

Would you like to get started on Pinterest, but don't know how? Here's a link to an article that helped me understand how it works:
Pinterest 101 Tutorial

I'm also learning how to use Twitter. Hey, I'm just being honest. LOL. I know I'm late to the Twitter party! Here's a look at my page:

 To see the page, click *here*

Here's Jessica Hische's guide on how Twitter works. It's helpful & hilarious:

Let's talk...Tweet me!

Peace, God Bless & xo

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