Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Orange is for October!

Happy October!
Do you remember your first car? Mine was a Volkswagen. However,  I didn't have the pleasure of riding with these two cuties!
How is your month going so far?
My agenda for October includes going to a classic car show,
attending the first ever Hello Kitty convention in Los Angeles, and of course, some trick-or-treating! 
What's your favorite candy? My husband loves candy corn. I'm into chocolate bars like "Snickers" & "Baby Ruth". 
Offline, I am still plugging away on developing the blog.
PHOTO BY 4028mdk09
While I have pushed the "pause" button on this space until the New Year, I marvel at anyone who can keep the posts coming two or more times a week. BRAVO! I hope I can join that club next year. Please keep your fingers crossed :) .
Thanks so much for dropping by today. I wish you a wonderful month. Happy October!

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