Saturday, March 16, 2013

Collage Obsession: Fairy Tales & Children's Literature

This week, the challenge at College Obsession is to create something inspired by children's literature. What's your favorite book? Here's two of mine:

I recently saw "The Great and Powerful Oz" (movie), so I knew I would start there. Plus, I had a N-E-W hot air balloon stamp from Stampers Anonymous.  And I couldn't wait to use it! 

I decided to focus on the lessons found in "Oz" & other stories, and create an art journal page. Here's my work-in-progress picture...

(click pics for closeups)

...and now, the finished version:

(Not sure...should I have stuck with version 1? LOL)

"Art Journaling" is new to me. I'm having a blast experimenting! This is the third page I've done so far.

To make the page, I used:

  • Twinkling H2O watercolors on the hot air balloon & rainbow. 
  • A black Sharpie & colored pencils on the words. 
  • Pan Pastels to shade the background.
OMGoodness, I used Pan Pastels for the first time! I think I'm addicted!

(Pan Pastels & Twinkling H2Os)

Have you tried them before? I had so much fun! They are pastels in "cake" form. You can control the amount of color you put on the page by using an applicator. (I used Q-tips, and * "Sofft Tool Knives" with covers. Both worked well.)

Friends, thanks so much for stopping by today! To see all the art entries at the Collage Obsession Challenge, just click **here**.

God Bless & XO

*Find more info/videos on "Sofft" Tools and Pan Pastels by clicking here: Sofft Art Website. Enjoy! 


Kaylene said...

Great work, I wish I could get some hands on, but I usually end up with mud colours, love the pages. Cheers

Jez said...

Lovely to see how many aspects of the Wizard of Oz incorporated on your journal page. It makes a great reminder of the film ..... Which I saw when it was released in the early 1940s and never forgot, so I'm glad you got that rainbow in there.

Tiffany said...

Thanks so much, Jez & Kaylene!

Lizbethem said...

I crave those pan pastels. I know they are in my future! Love what you did. Journaling is a lot of fun.xx

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