Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On Sunday, I flew in to attend a memorial service at the Catholic hospital where my Dad passed away. Each quarter, the hospital holds a service honoring those who passed away while in their care. It was a such a beautiful, comforting service.

    (Photo by Louise Docker)

About thirty people attended. Families brought pictures of their loved ones and placed them on a table that was draped in gorgeous fabric. Later, the priests read the names of the deceased in groups. When your family member's name was read aloud, you stood up and they lit a candle. Songs were sung, and scriptures were read. It was a brief, yet healing service...I found myself wishing that if I had to pass away in a hospital, I'd want it to be a Catholic one like this  --- where my family would be comforted just the same way.

You know, looking back, I have to be honest. I'm not sure that I would have written my "Circle of Life" post (here) if I knew my Father was going to pass away. The doctors and e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e thought he would make a full recovery.

As far as I was concerned, I was just sharing a moment that I thought others might relate to. Plus, we really had fun  together, ---as much as that is possible when you're stuck in a hospital bed. Mom told me shortly after I wrote the post that he would like it, and that made me feel good. (He was still in the hospital at that time.)

I'm still exploring what topics I feel comfortable discussing in this space, and which ones I don't...I don't regret writing about Dad, I just don't know if I would have if I knew what was going to happen...

However, I work through a lot of my feelings by writing them out. Additionally, everyone has been so supportive with their blog comments and e-mails. That's helped a lot. 

Here's one of my favorite pictures of us. Well, it's actually a picture of a picture from a scrapbook that I made for Dad. The pic was taken in the 90's. I love it because I love the smile on his face (though I'm not a fan of my hairdo!):

You know what? He actually made the shirt that he's wearing in the photo. He also made dresses & jewelry for my Mom. Honest! 

Dad was a JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES! Here's just some of the things he did/accomplished in his jam-packed life:
A black belt in Aikido
A PhD in Education
He was a pilot (gliders)
A professional Ski-Instructor
A football coach
He repaired antique clocks
Refurbished wood furniture
Built a deck around the family vacation home
And did I mention he made my mom dresses & jewelry?!!!!

And there's so much more. I love him! He'll never be replaced.

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