Sunday, February 27, 2011

Collage Obsession: Music

Hello Friends! I am hosting the Collage Obsession Challenge this week! The theme is “Music”. First, let me introduce you to Viola:

Why the tears? Well, it's a L-O-N-G, long story. I will give you the short version. But first, let me show you what I created:

Oh my goodness! Can you read that?

Viola was a true diva – an opera singer. She was so devoted to her craft that her lover, Antonio, left her.  Her photo was taken as she was preparing to take to the stage for the first time - - - after hearing that Antonio had been murdered. Oh, the sadness… The heartbreak... The drama... Will she ever forgive herself for not choosing love over her career? Is she destined to be alone forever? Perhaps we’ll never know…

Let's light a candle for Viola and Antonio:

We will remember them.


Here are some details about the card:
  • Photo is from Itkupilli's collage sheet, Black Roses, White Powder.
  • Music notes rubber stamp by Stampington & Company.
  • Music notes embossed with lavender embossing powder.
  • Flower is from Prima Marketing Inc.
  • The flower’s button has a bow that is tied with red Scrapper’s Floss.
Friends, thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!


Gayle Page-Robak said...

Great theme, Tiffany. Your blog piece is beautiful! I do have and love that image from Kirsi. Awesome.

Rick St. Dennis MFA said...

Love it and her sad story
great theme I have to go get mine done

Junibears said...

Touching story! Love you card. It's beautiful! xx

Elegia said...

Oh, your card is absolutely beautiful with all those lovely details. I also love your story. It's very rich of imagination! Poor Viola.

Kaylene said...

Hello, I have to agree with Junibears. Thank you for the challenge at first i wasn't sure how to combine the two images. Cheers

Tiffany said...

Kaylene, you did a great job!

THANK YOU to Kaylene & everyone who stopped by today. And "**THANK YOU!" to those yet to come...

This is soooooo much fun! Looking at everyone's work, and having them stop by to see yours is a BLAST. There are so many artful bloggers on the web, and I'm just happy to be learning from all of you!

God Bless & XOX

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

I love it! The art piece and the story are imaginative and fabulous!

Glenys said...

Such a provocative piece, Tiffany

Eila A said...

What a beautiful piece and dramatic story, Tiffany!

Carrie Hudson Peralta said...

THANK YOU for such the sweet comment on my blog!!! That top picture is not's actually my mother-in-law! I've really enjoyed looking at your blog! LOVE your work as well! Have a beautiful weekend!

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